Friends of the Newark Free Library

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Friends of the Newark Free Library

Board Meetings

Board meetings are generally on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the library

Board meetings are open to the general public.

If you have questions or would like to speak at a meeting, please contact Shu-Chien Liang at .

Looking for a few good folks...

The Friends of the Newark Free Library are looking for a few good folks who would be interested in serving on the board.  The time commitment is 2 hours per month for monthly meeting and then whatever amount of time you'd like to devote to one of our committees.   We have a lot of fun and engaging folks on our board and it is a terrific way to give back to our community while sharing camaraderie and conviviality.


Description of the board committee member position

I would like to nominate myself.  Please fill out an application form


Please submit applications to a reference librarian or to

Descriptions of roles and responsibilities of board committees

Friends of the Newark Free Library Board 2016-2017

President Shu-Chien Liang

Vice President Mary Ann Gladnick

Corresponding Sec. Jo Anne Deshon

Recording Sec. Kathie Davis

Treasurer Noreen Campbell

Directors Katy Ferrero

Barbara Jo German

Roy Lopata

Deb Morehead

Adebanjo Oriade

Patricia Rachek

Doug Tong

Amy Tetlow Smith

Ex Officio
Judy Taggart 
Peg Saenger

Accomplishments 20014-2015

Accomplishments 2014

Thank you for your financial contribution. You made these accomplishments possible. Through your support in 2014, the Friends:

  • Contributed over $14,000 to purchase books, subscriptions, DVDs.
  • Furnished and Dedicated the Bookends Room
  • Contributed over $4,500 for children’s programs including summer reading program incentives.
  • Provided and served snacks at special children’s programs.
  • Contributed over $2,500 for cultural programs.
  • Began a partnership with the New Castle County Department of Community Services to co-sponsor Young Writers Workshops.
  • Participated in the Library Legislative Day, sponsored by the Delaware Library Association to encourage library advocacy events.
  • Funded over $1,000 for general library support
  • Sponsored Fifth Annual Russell and Selina Bing Memorial Mystery program hosting authors Charles Todd for the release of their latest mystery.
  • Promoted Summer reading Club through reading incentives from Ryan German, Caffe Gelato.
  • Held Volunteer Recognition Event during National Volunteer Recognition Week in April. Recognized approximately sixty adult and teen volunteers. Funded $300 for small tokens of appreciation.
  • Distributed hundreds of gently used donated children’s books to schools and community centers serving low income children
  • Published an informative newsletter three times during the year.
  • Offered Honor and Memorial Book Program.
  • Maintained Friends email list for members who wish to receive notice of monthly Friends and Library activities.
  • Participated in Newark Community Day, distributing donated gently used children’s books and offering “Relaxation and Riddles”.
  • Continued First Library Card Program underwritten by the Pomeroy family for 12 years.
  • Participated in Newark’s New Downtown Summer Festival providing reading room and gently used children’s books.
  • Maintained an excellent and informative website: htt:// ;Friends Gmail ;and Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Maintained 6 display cases in the library with works of art and various collections
  • Provided and maintained copiers for patrons.
  • Board members recognized library staff by providing monthly snacks and refreshments.

Library Board of Directors Position Description




PURPOSE: Provide volunteer and financial support to the programs of the Newark Free Library

GENERAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: As a member of the Board, you agree to

Membership in the Friends of the Newark Free Library

Attend board meetings; notify president if unable

Prepare for board meetings and be informed about the board and the library

Support decisions of the Board

Market the library to the community

SPECIAL ACCOUNTBILITIES: As a member of the Board, you agree to accept a responsibility, such as these examples listed below:

Coordinate set up and break down table for Newark Night and/or Community Day

Coordinate volunteers for Newark Night and/or Community Day

Chair Annual Meeting

Chair Volunteer Recognition

Chair Staff Recognition

Manage membership email list

Manage Year End Appeal

Coordinate and manage display cases

Edit newsletter

Distribute donated books to shelters and community centers

Manage social media sites: website, Facebook page, and Twitter

The board can determine additional opportunities, and it welcomes other ideas.

Application for Nomination to the Board of Directors



See attached position description for Board Members





Phone (best number to reach you) ______________________________________________


I am interested in serving on the board because____________________________







Please return this form to a librarian who will place it in the Friends mail slot.

Within a month, you will receive an email acknowledging your application.  Your application will be placed on file for consideration when an opening occurs.  Often there is not an opening for a year. 

Friends meetings are open to the public, held at the Library and generally the first Tuesday of the month, 7 P.M.   Check the Friends website at  to make sure a meeting is scheduled.  The Friends board is a volunteer board.  Thank you.